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Robert DiStefano Speaker & Presenter at the NASP 2016 Annual Conference

Robert DiStefano, Esq. – Speaker


EVENT: On October 25, 2016, Robert DiStefano, Senior Partner, was a Speaker and Presenter at the NASP 2016 Annual Conference at The Broodmoor – Colorado Springs, CO.

Mr. DiStefano presented on the Subrogation Topic: “Overcoming Wrongful Denials of Coverage in Motor Vehicle Accidents.”    Insights and Practice tips related to denial of motor vehicle insurance coverage was presented.

Notes as to the Presentation:

Subrogation professionals are routinely presented with denials of coverage from tortfeasors’ insurance carriers. But does that no always mean no? Can a denial of coverage be challenged in intercompany arbitrations? If so, when, where and how. This presentation was designed to educate the subrogation profession on common denials and whether said denials are supported by the applicable law. The presentation provided a general overview of the most common denials of coverage such as “non-cooperation”, “non-permissive use” or “misrepresentation” by the insured. The presentation then addressed evaluating denials of coverage to determine their legal merit and procedures to challenge a wrongful denial of coverage. Lastly, the presentation reviewed the use of the “U” tribunal of Arbitration Forums to challenge an improper and/or illegal denial of coverage.


Request a copy of the presentation materials by contacting Robert DiStefano at: [email protected]



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