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No-Fault Medical Expense Claims

No-Fault PIP and/or Med-Pay medical expense recovery claims and defense is a slippery slope, which requires expertise and timely action to ensure the greatest possible outcome.

Insurance representatives, whether first party or recovery personnel, must understand the myriad of requirements and limitations of the No-Fault Acts in order to avoid paying claims that are not owed and in order to quickly recognize those cases where there is potential for recovery. Recovering No-Fault medical expense claims goes hand-in-hand with defending such claims. Our firm is also on the forefront of No-Fault PIP and/or Med-Pay defense consistently creating, adapting and refining defenses, which have saved our clients millions of dollars.

Clark & DiStefano regularly conducts educational programs with both first-party loss handlers and subrogation recovery personnel to help our clients minimize loss payments and maximize recoveries. Our seminars are invaluable in helping our clients through the maze of issues that affect the bottom line in the field of No-Fault Medical expense claims.

Clark & DiStefano encourages our clients to rely on us to provide them with timely guidance through the forest of medical expense No-Fault claims, statutes, regulations and case interpretations in all fifty (50) states.